Using graphs and charts is very popular these days.  The benefits of visual representations is to identify what needs attention.  Some might use visual graphics to reflect on how successful they are and to point out to others their best success.  Ok, sure there may be a place for that and what you will see are dashboards showing off the most profitable items.  

To tune your business to the highest performance, I would argue that actually you need to pay more attention to the least performing products, the ones that need to be remediated or discontinued as a priority.  The early identification of underperforming products should result in a better outcome.  

We implement a list of actionable items, identifying underperformers or items that need attention in a cycle.

To calculate profitability, first we need to know Cost Of Goods, essentially the replacement cost of a unit of inventory, ready for sale in the target market. That calculation would include manufacture, shipping, import duties and taxes and any preparation fees and charges.  When I calculate Cost Of Goods, I also estimate the warehouse storage fees per unit.

Once we have the Cost Of Goods, underperforming items can be identified and flagged for action.