It's pretty easy.  We use Amazon's Authentication service for logins.  If you don't have an Amazon account then this product isn't for you!  You can always create an Amazon login if you don't have one. Just like other social logins, the amount of information we get is sufficient to identify you (name email and a unique ID)

Once you sign in we will create a free account with Merchstation. 

There are a number of steps to take

  • Enter your empire name
  • Create your entities (1 or more companies)
  • Connect your Amazon Seller accounts

Set Your Empire Details

This is your top-level organisation details. 

Empire Name:

Global Reporting Currency:

Reporting Level:

Subscription Level:




Your name and email are automatically filled, based on your Amazon  login

Contact us if you want to add more users.



If you operate different companies for your European and American operations, for example then enter the details for each company here. If you only have one company then leave it as one.