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Accounting Concepts
Accounting Concepts
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Profit, Margin, Return on Investment

As a business owner, I'm really interested in Return on Investment. That is the amount of cash that I outlay and the return I get from that money.

Here's the thing, If Amazon take out fees out of the sales... (More)

Reconciliation with Amazon

On the surface, it would seem that reconciling transactions with Amazon should be straight forward. Amazon usually has 13 payment cycles in a year, so it's not so easy to match up Amazon payments and transactions. From time to time... (More)

Sales vs Transactions

Amazon has two kinds of reports that they send:



When the sale occurs, an order is generated. It has sufficient information to fulfil the order but may not capture all of the expenses.

Typically Amazon creates a settlement... (More)


Goods and Services Tax in Australia is very similar in operation to Value Added Tax in the UK.  Australian GST is a 10% flat rate with very few exceptions.